Partnership with Sony Reader

We are excited to announce that Sony Reader now shows iDreamBooks' ratings and reviews from critics. This integration was done through our API. In addition to Sony, several independent sites and apps are also utilizing our API. The book rating, review snippets from publications, publication name, review sentiment and review link are sent as part of the API response. We will also be making lists like "Books reviewed in NPR" available in the near future. 

With user reviews increasingly being gamed, we believe our rating system is the most trustworthy one in the market today. Part of our mission is to bring authenticity to book reviews and integrating with Sony brings us a step closer to that mission. 

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I think this is a very interesting app! Sometimes we have a little spare time and we don't know what to do. Especially when we're on a holiday, then we like to read a book but we want to make sure that it is not some boring novel. This app is perfect! It gives us a list from all the current bestsellers + a review about what other people think about the book. That way we never read a boring book again!
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